Ever since then, I've been questioning who I am and how my future is going to be? but I have been finding that its still been challenging to make friends and relationships. I've met a number of boy who were really nice, but didn't seem to work out. I have to ask myself, if its them? or if its me?

I would describe myself as being very nice but a little shy. I'm very awkward when it comes to expressing my feelings or flirting, which is why I think I come across as a little cold. I always keep a level head, and very rarely exhibit anger. When I'm with a comfortable group, I tend to really open up and be very friendly and charming. After turning 25 I've been taking a hard look at myself and been curious about how the next few years are going to look? One thing I'm really aiming for is trying to get a healthy relationshi

Nickname: alluring_angel
Site: chaturbate
Age: 25
Sex: female

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im morena