Hello lovers
There are few rules u'll have to take count of them in my room
1. Respect me and the other members. U being rude= ban.
2.Don't ask me to fist, play with my ass, poo, pee cos i'm not in that kind of things.
3.Talk, don't just stay there and stare.
4.In group i get playful, but if u want more naughty things tip and request.
5.U want to know what i do in pvt ?
Pray to God for forgiveness :))
Wanna see me praying ? Take me and u'll see.

I am single ( does all my fans counts as bfs ?).
I am broadcasting from my own bed in my own house.
I moan,i scream , but not very loud, i have neighbors.
I smoke, maybe to much , but don't pick on me with that.
I sing, smile and dance almost all the time.

If u want a piece from my real life tip me 666 for my yahoo or 999 tks for my yahoo id and facebook friendship for the rest of internet life.
If u want to spend some time, just us, off the site u can tip me 555 tks and u'll have me for 30 min just for u. If u want more time with me make me an offert.

Become AprilRains fan and u'll get special treatment.
For 1 single tip of 1111 tks u will get my yahoo id, my facebook friendship and 1 session of 30 off the site.

Let's enjoy the time together and have fun!!!

Nickname: aprilrains
Site: chaturbate
Age: 30
Sex: female