I'm 20, 5'6" tall, and here to have some fun with you guys! Sometimes I come on here just because I'm in a bad mood and need a pick-me-up, and I know you guys will do the trick :) I love you guys <33

So you know: No pussy jokes, please. Heard them all and they aren't funny. They're just cats. I don't show my face anymore, so please don't ask. I'm warning you right now: If you even MENTION face I will silence/kick/ban you (this includes blues, so please don't test me). I've done enough explaining, and I'm tired of playing around. Don't be rude about it. Also, just because you are a blue, does not mean you get to make free requests and beg for things. I realize that many of you only have one token to look blue, and you will not get anything free either just because you have a blue name. I'm sorry if this part seems rude, but it's not easy to do this every time, so I'm making sure you guys know what I need from you for a good show.

Greys: Begging isn't taken lightly. If you do beg/post graphics/piss people off, you will be silenced or blocked. You're getting a free show, so just enjoy it and make it fun for everyone! It can be a great show if everyone just enjoys themselves :D

Nickname: babydarlin
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: female