I don't get on cam much, but when I do, I make sure I talk to all of my viewers!
Matt1284- My first tipper (6/4/12) Thanks Matt!
Pat_Tanya- My first rain shower (6/5/12) Thanks bb!

My Favorite Rooms:
chillwavecpl- I love me some Aphy and Thor. They're laid back. Down to Earth and are so caring and appreciative. Check them out some time!

tattoogoddess- I love me some Courtney. She's my internet girlfriend :D She's also laid back. She talks to everyone. She's flipping gorgeous. She keeps things fun. Be sure to check her out as well!

Pat_Tanya- Like the previously mentioned rooms, they're amazing. They're cool people to talk to! They care about everyone and they appreciate the little things. For a good time, go chill in their room!

onlyonce1111- She's still fairly new, but she's still amazing. Gorgeous! She was my nemesis at one point in time, but now she's muh frann! If you ever want a smile that'll light up your world, go spend 5 minutes in her room. You'll be mesmerized!

dadsmidnight- My first time on this site, they took me in and let me mod. I've been modding for them ever since. They're chill as hell. They have a strange sense of humor (like me) I'll warn you though. If you're easily offended. Stay away from their room! If you want some good sexy fun, feel free to join:D

I have so many more rooms I enjoy, like Sophiamarie420, cherrycrush, Mikedredie242...if you ever want a good time, they're promising rooms as well!

Nickname: bardocksaian420
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

2 tattoos