im quite the individual. im just trying to have fun since i never go out :)

whomever is granted mod privileges, please no graphics, my camera already sucks! get me many tips & then me and the appointed mod will have our own little chat ;)

everyone should get along, we're all here for the same thing <3

do the world a favor! /skvfd/?track=default

i feel like cleaning up dirty boys while i get spanked :) if you dont mind stretch marks ill be completely naked all the time!

10 tks for flash

20 tks for poon flash/touch, 25 for finger fuck (1min)

30 tks for ass play, flash, etc

100 tks for completely naked show (this is scary!)

no hate okay! everyone loves everyone when im touching myself ;)

p.s.! no sound usually, i dont like my voice. although my moaning speaks for itself ;)

Nickname: bbygee
Site: chaturbate
Age: 107
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes