We're just a fun exhibitionist couple, we can and will fuck on cam, creampie is the norm. We are swapper style swingers, we do this for fun and $ if that bothers you please move on. We NEVER meet people IRL that we meet on the internet. It's our rule, we never break it. Tip to see what you want, emotes and demands wll get you silenced with or without tokens. (faster silence if you don't have tokens) Promising tips without having any tokens will get you silenced. Besides aren't you just a world class douche if you are promising something you can't deliver......... Is anyone still reading this??? Seriously, don't be a dumbass, you will get banned and won't be able to watch the show. If you are still reading this please take a minute to scroll up and enjoy the fucking show.

Nickname: bellaandteddy
Site: chaturbate
Age: 37
Sex: male/female

Kinky Attributes