*I was Mirage, for some of u that might be reminded by that..

*'I DO WHATEVER I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT'!!! (Simple, Direct, To the Point!)

*I'm not here to do nudes or playing whatsoever, because sophistication runs through my veins. Respect and adore me as i am ;)

*Here to chat/ laugh/ gossip/ spent time/ whatever i can get with my friends and respected Mod's (U know who u r, I returned back here for u guys) !!!

*I don't think i'll ever be verified coz i don't come here to make tips..

*NOT here to be known nor recorded on public websites!!! I just like to make ur day /night better and get to know peoples ;)

*Not interested, Why waste ur time here in the first place?!? ;)

Nickname: belladonnatello
Site: chaturbate
Age: 104
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Eau De Naturale'