I have a webcam and a microphone, too ... but the sexiest organ of my body is the one between my ears, so I prefer to show my face only.

I'd rather see your face, too, because cocks cannot smile!

I don't like those guys who flee their own sperm. You don't need to, it is not dangerous! So if you jerked off, stay for a while and let's talk a bit ... at least if you are not to much exhausted after all this hard work and want to sleep immediately.

Internet is something great. In former times, you met about 2 or 3 really mentally disturbed people in all your live, just those which were living in your home town. But nowadays, you can get in contact with insanity all over the world! I am not sure that this is a real progress ...

I like to collect kicks and bans from stupid people. :-)

Nickname: beobachter
Site: chaturbate
Age: 56
Sex: male