Blair's close ups!
Here you have my three only videos! They're close ups of my femenine parts so you will be able to meet them very close.

- Close up pussy pics: 21 pics of my pinky pussy. 200 tokens

- Pussy close up set: 21 pics and a 8 min. close up masturbation video (with fingers and a dildo). 500 tokens.

- Boobies close up: 8 min. video of my boobies, I play with them with oil and lotion. 500 tokens.

- Meet my ass: 4-5 min. video of me fingering my ass. 500 tokens.

- You can buy all of them with a single tip of 1111 tokens!

Picture a day!
For a single tip of 500 tokens you will get a picture of me in your email every day during a month. When I say month I mean month, 30 days starting from the day you have sent the tip. The pics won't be explicit (that means non full nude or dirty dirty things, just tease). They'll be cute, sexy, and classi.

Hi, its Blair!
You can call me Blair, Im a 18 years old Spanish cutie. Im studying music at university (and outside of it too) so while Im not here Im playing the piano, listening to music, studying for the exams or doing homework. And yes, I want to work in something related to the music industry in the future.
I love books, I'm always reading something, and my favourtie book is "Loli ta" by V. Nabokov. I also love tattoos. I have five for the moment and I hope to get more very soon, and maybe become a tattoo artist in the future... Why not?
Im a real girl, I dont like to fake so you will see all my personalities. Some days I can be a smiling and giggly girl and other I am just quite serious. Im working here for fun, improve my English and to earn money so I can be a little more independent. This is my only job so please, be generous with your tips!

Frequently asked questions!
- How old are you, bb? Im 18 years old.
- What is your tits size, bb? 34A, I think.
- Where do you live, bb? I live in Spain. I wont tell you exactly where.
- Who do you live with? With my aunt and my parents.
- They know about what you are doing? They know I cam but not exactly what I do.
- Do you have boyfriend? I don't exactly know now.
- Does he know? He knew it.
- Do you masturbate? Nop.
- Do you pee? No, and I don't poo, fist or those rude things.
.- Do you do sky pe, bb? Yes, 80 tokens per minute.
- Do you accept paypa l, bb? No.
- Would you date me, bb? No.

In public.
Here is where you will get to know me better, I love to chat and have fun fun fun with the guys. You can see whats going on in my topic. I do not masturbate in public and only get naked in a cute way if I feel comfortable with it. But I think I'm mostly a non-nude model who only flash her "attributes". If you have any request, just tip. And if you dont want to tip or you dont have tokens please contribute to the conversation.

Groups & Privates
I dont usually do group shows cause I dont feel comfortable with them.
I used to do privates but now I'm not in the mood. Too much people have disappointed me being rude and cheaters leaving the private once I've got naked and no respecting the minimum time. So its very weird that I accept a private, first of all you must have my confidence, I'm not going to accept a private with you during our first chat.

Check out when I'm gonna be online on my twitter: @Blairlisbon

Theyre 1000 tokens each pair. You can choose how do you want to get them: clean, worn, with my perfume They will be delivery in a discreet packaging with a personal note from me. You will have to send me your address via email.

Coming soon =3

Wall of fame!
1000 tokens by DDK

Nickname: blairbunny
Site: chaturbate
Age: 18
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

5 tattoos.