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Hey Anon's, Sign up under me, It's free and I'd love to get to know you better! Come join all the craziness :) /bBj7H/?room=bustyjules

Boobs or Ass (Flash) 50 Tokens
Pussy - 100 Tokens
S k y p e Show - 50 Tokens per minute
Watch your cam - 20 Tokens a minute or do a private show!


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ s/311773782187435!/Busty_Jules
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Hmm about me?

♥ I'm Jules, Call me what you wish but my name is NOT BB, So don't ever fucking call me BB, Got it BB?

♥ 22 years old

♥ I have a cat and dog who may or may not appear on cam at times, so feel free to say hi, they also love tips for being so cute. (I do not do sexual things w/ my animals, So even if you are Joking, I will ban you)

♥ No begging. Got a request, Tip bitch.

♥ My boobs are a 36 K and natural.

♥ I offer privates and groups.

♥ I am not a hooker or escort. I have a fiance so I will not be meeting you or fucking you in real life. Get over it.

Do not PM me to say "hi", If you are not a regular or PM'ing about a private/group then please speak in free chat.

♥ My mods will not tolerate bullshit.

♥ Do NOT ask about other models in my room. If I am doing a show, I don't appreciate stopping my work (This is my job) to discuss other models. And don't ask other models about me.

♥ I will NOT watch your cam unless you take me private or pay me in tokens.

♥ Respect my mods and all other members in my room.

♥ Don't tell me how to make money, what I should or shouldn't do, etc. This is my playground, Don't like what I am doing? Bye.


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lilmisslannahhp1 - 1400
saitotakuji - 2000
lilnigga2440 - 1000

Nickname: bustyjules
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: female