Hi, My name is Angel Goldencock. I am usually alone on cam, but I also do sex/oral shows with my husband, Hunter.
Hunter and I are making a sex video and will be selling it for 1000 tokens!! Pm me for details.

~Treat me with respect, and I will appreciate your presence in my room.
~I do not do anal, fisting, scat, or bestiality, and if you ask for it you will likely be silenced or kicked.
~I'm not cheap so don't expect a flash for 10 tokens. Please read my goals!
~You will NEVER hear me ask/beg you for tokens. So don't beg me to do shit that I don't want to do.
~If you don't approve of what I do then why the fuck are you here telling me about it? You're not the judge of me and I can assure you that you're no better than me or anyone else.
~If I don't know you, don't ask to mod! Get to know me, then ask.
~Please don't post graphics unless you are modding.
~"Smoking is bad for you," this whole time I've thought smoking was good for me. Thanks for stating the obvious.
~There seems to be a lot of jealous 'adults' who like to get off on being petty and starting drama. I'll have you know that I won't respond to your childish behavior, but I do appreciate the fact that I'm on your mind. Remember that the underlying cause of hate is envy, and for every hater I have at least 20 fans. (;

Any act to promote or gain profit in any manner (either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.

My Favorite Bands:
~Drowning Pool
~Five Finger Death Punch
~Breaking Benjamin
If you don't like my music don't ask me to turn it down. It's my room you're welcome to leave!

1. Esoguardx~3694
2. XokatyXo~2848
3. Scalpcrush~1500
4. Thatguywhat~1500
5. Eodtom~1468
My top five highest tippers win a password room show at the end of each month<3

The Goldencock Crew:
~ Bigmichael89
~Cumm4u(aka John)
~Thank you Kena Belson for always making me laugh.
~Seanbmxrider is a true warrior.
~Thank you, hmbiohazard (aka katys_fiance) for the graphics.
~Thank you, sqrtlvr for giving me advice on squirting.

My favorite Broadcasters:

Raffle drawing will be held on Tuesday night. Tip 100 tokens to enter. The winner gets a 20 min c2c/pvt show and 10 sexy pictures.(;

Angel Goldencock

Nickname: cockycaucasions
Site: chaturbate
Age: 18
Sex: female