Hey, Im Cody, and my partner is Jaz.

30tokens/a ticket
1st prize: 25mins skyype show
2nd prize: 15mins skyype show
3rd prize:10mins skyype show
Just remember the more raffle tickets you get, the more chance you get of winning.
Raffle tickets drawn every Friday.

1. Do not demand/request without tipping, or you will be silenced.
2. Greys do not demand, go buy tokens. or straight ban/kick.
3. No graphics, or caps lock. will be automatic Kick/ban.
4. No PM's (unless necessary)

25 tokens flash tits
25 tokens, blowjob
25 tokens, gag
50 tokens, leave tits out whole show
100 tokens, naked
100 tokens flash pussy
100 tokens, he comes wherever you want
200 tokens, leave pussy out for whole show
200 tokens, put toy in pussy.
400 tokens, cum with toy, or PVT.
500 tokens, fuck.

if your my MOD, be good to me.. & ill be good to you.. Mod's get special treatments, you've got to earn it though.
greys & blue's can become a mod..

PVT, 18toks/1min
skyype show 300 tokens, 15mins.
We will be making video soon, for 250 tokens/ or wishlist
If you can not pay with tokens, get me something from my wishlist

Highest tippers;

Nickname: cody_001
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: male/female