Hello! I'm Coto, I like to entertain and to be entertained. I like to show and talk with my friends here, and I'd be happy if you become my friend too.

I'm currently struggling to raise cash for my study. My deadline is 1st of August, and so far 23% completed. I'll update on this every Monday. Last update - 11/06

If you are new to this site, you can help me by signing up with this link: /G9jhF/?track=default/


You can get some reward for tipping me...I have video I'd like to share, and if you tip me over 500 in 1 show, I'll be happy to send you my hot video;)

- Bunny sexy tease - strip and play with vanila icecream)) 8.15 mins

- Duckies part2 - sequel for duckies in tub video, less ducks, more me. I think this video is my best one) 9 mins

- Airplane lavatory - video made on my way to Hong Kong - 5 mins

- Ice cubes - this one got 7 "likes" and as I can see in statistics is most re-played 7.44 mins.

- Duckies in tub - involved 2 rubber ducks)) softore erotic with hdr viedeo effect, got 3 "likes. 9.26 mins

The videos are made for each raffle, and the other option to get them is to win them.

The rules of this room:

- Be polite and don't demand, especially if you are grey. "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."

- The only language used in this room is English. Even if you assume that I understnad other languages.

- I don't do anything you say for tokens. So not to disappoint you, I may do or may not do what you ask, even if you tip. By tipping me you show your appreciation, not make an order. But you can be sure I'll do what I set in goals.

- No graphics. We silence for posting pictures in the chat. Only mods are allowed to post graphics (sometimes they silence each other though...)


I have a private blog for my friends. I post some material there about myself - like photos, some videos, stories, etc. My friends also can post there. Coto-club members have some privelligies))

You can be added to my private club if you talk in my chat and make me think I can trust you. There is no longer a firm price for ticket;)


Why I dont talk to greys, are they not people - I do talk to greys. I even mod some greys. And unlike many other girls here I let you guys talk, even if you never tip me. But I can't pay attention to everybody, please understand this. And I'm more likely to talk to somebody who did an effort and got tokens to talk to me, I think this is fair.

When you can see me online - Florida time 7.30 p.m. -11.30 p.m. and 7 a.m- 11 a.m.

How you can contact me: please use this email if I asked you to contact me or if you have any problems with watching my videos: trucoto85@

Follow me on Twitter: Coto851

Nickname: coto85
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

ear candles, sometimes fruits and other food