Welcome to our bio.

We are a happy, monogamous couple looking to have fun and maybe make tokens. Tips and good conversation are appreciated but demeaning remarks and assholery are not. We don't want to hear about how big and awesome your e-peenor is; you will probably be kicked. Remember, the people on the other end of these webcams are people.

You'd be surprised what we are into so don't be afraid to ask if you have the tokens to tip.

We are not into anal fisting, vaginal fisting, vomit, feces, or urethral sounding; almost anything else is fair game. No squirting though, Cotton can't but she wishes she could.

Some very basic rules.

  • We will not remove our masks, don't ask, not even in private.

  • There will be no sound, don't ask for it either.

  • No all capitalized comments, or graphics

  • Don't call Cotton bb, call her Cotton

  • Be considerate, we are here of our own free will

  • Requests are cool but be prepared to tip

The Itinerary

  • Feel free to request if you tip toward the goal, we may entertain it.

  • ♥ 1000: Full show of vaginal and anal toying (DP)

  • ♥ 750: Anal with toy (Flare, or plug)

  • ♥ 500: Masturbation with MEGAdong, large dildo

  • ♥ 300: Masturbation with Flare (dildo) or Fonzie (vibrator)

  • ♥ 250: Fingering

  • ♥ 200: Clitoral stimulation

  • ♥ 150: Naked

  • ♥ 100: Panties only

  • ♥ 75: No pants

  • ♥ 50: Shirt comes off

  • Any article of clothing you are interested in is most likely negotiable, just ask.

  • ♥ Panties: 400 tokens

Nickname: cottonstripes
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: male/female

Kinky Attributes