Hi Guys, I am Chris.

I am a single Mom trying to make ends meet with whats available to me. (Not a pity party, just establishing a context. I'm not a hooker, I'm a MILF). As a strong, independent woman, I have never asked for a handout. I am shy but I am working on being less so. It is a tough thing for me. Feel free to tell how good I am going with it. I will earn my way through this world, right here, with you. I have worked hard, and continue to develop a program that entertains, engages and excites.

I set my goals at the start of my show. I keep the goals achievable. I want everyone to be able to contribute.

Please note that the tips dont always culminate into a whole. Any variation of this will be at my discretion. Normally, four 25 token tips gets four separate flashes. I know that you know what I mean.

Every token counts but it is pretty basic

10 Tokens =Who can I see through the square window? Get a personal shout-out.

20 tokens = Boobs Flash,

30 tokens = Pussy Flash,

50 Tokens = The Super Happy Horny Minute. My favourite. Boobs or Pussy visible with a little dance, especially for you. Perhaps both boobs and pussy if I am feeling saucy.

100 Tokens = Super Mega Happy Blow-in-your-Pants-minute. Well, this is a normal Super Horny Minute, but with extra spice. Caution: You may need stainless steel underpants.

Special Bonus: I dont like to reveal for free, what would be the point? But when you make me happy as a group, I might free and random.

Biggest Tipper Competition:

The biggest tipper of each month will get a free private show for 10 minutes. Perhaps longer if I lose track, which I probably will. Perhaps shorter if you cant hold on.

Dress Up Days

I have kicking this around a little. I kind of like it. I am thinking that dressing up like a Policewoman, soldier, nurse, teacher, umm, cleaner, whatever comes to mind really, would be fairly horny. No special tips required for this, it will just happen. If it successful, I will make a schedule and even take reasonable dress up requests. I probably couldnt get a gorilla suit. Besides, youre already wearing it.


I have four simple rules to keep things enjoyable for all.

1. I dont use any moderators. I can keep the order by myself.

2. Be respectful, to me and others. This is entertainment and should be entertaining. People who get their kicks from hurting others are a major turn-off and shall be ousted on their backsides.

3. I dont watch other cameras. I have a show to do but thanks for the offer.

4. Keep the language under control. I am a simple girl and dont always understand what you say if it is overly complex or if you use local sayings. English is my second language, how many do you speak? Don't be a smart ass or I will spank you. I think it would be fair to say that my English is better than your Tagalog.


I do take suggestions if I think they improve my show. I don't have the market cornered on good ideas. I am simply trying to entertain you. So, tell me what you think would improve the line-up or simply, kick back, grab your tip jar and enjoy the show!...

Always enjoy the show!

Nickname: cristine4u
Site: chaturbate
Age: 29
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Do you think I need to improve?