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TOP THREE: HIGHEST SINGLE TIP IN MAY! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :D

1. mike1359 - 400 tokens
1. jrob8705 -400 tokens
2. dregg6669 - 300 tokens
3. tiarnach74 - 253 tokens

*Fan sign - Want your own personal fangirl? Tip me 100 tokens and I will take a personalized fan sign pic for you. Please let me know if there is a special message or name you want on the sign. Don't forget to add your email in the PM so I can send it!

*My email - Wanna have my email and send me saucy messages with all your dirty lil fantasies? I will read them and if whatever you have to say is interesting enough, I will reply. Great thing if you are bored at 5 in the morning and wanna pour your heart out to me when I'm not online. 150 tokens gets you my email address and my intermittent attention. Perfect for those with a burning desire to forward me a picture of their cock.

*Snail Mail - What? Remember what it feels like to get snail mail that you actually care about and not flyers/bills? If you don't, then talk to me asap! i can send you a post card or a card for your birthday/valentines/xmas/new years or just because. 200 tokens for US peeps. Once again, let me know in PM what it is that you are looking for :)

*Panties - I like them! But you like them even more, you cute dirty lil perv :P Buy any pair of panties that I own for 750 tokens. Let me know how you want them, dirty or freshly washed and sprayed with my fav perfume. Do you want me to masturbate with them on, go for a run/bike ride, wear for a couple of days or have sex while wearing them? US only, bitches! Oh, socks, tights and nylons are also up for grabs.

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Nickname: cutie_mel
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: female