Hi ! Hello ! Serbus tok ! I am a fun loving girl and i enjoy chatting and meeting new people from all over the world, a great opportunity to make new friends. I consider myself a very friendly and sensual person.I enjoy sexual games..naughty or gently, and someone, maybe YOU, to play and have a great time together !



1.Call me "bb"...seriously? your fingers can't manage thouse 2 extra letters replace them with EM.

2.Insult me, my mod or other people in my room, you will be banned.

3.Demand it's so rude and impolite, i just hate that.

4.Request or beg, say it better in a tip.

5.Ask stupid questions or bad comments, you can do better than that.

6.Direct me in public chat , send graphics,images or caps.

7.PM me unless you are one of my friends or you would like pvt.


Don't ask for fisting, insert other objects then my toys, dirty stuff(pee,poo) because i don't do.
I consider imagination more important than knowlake so when you get in PVT or before just let me know what would you like and how and i will do my best to please you.
I don't do group shows.
Reading text might be boring as hell, so i thank everyone who took time to read.


The highest tip of the week 22.10-28.10 will be the winner of a personalized video and a set of nude photos !! Good luck guys muah !

morsdator 900 tk 23.10
morsdator 200 tk - 22.10

Nickname: emboleyn4u
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes