Here is the purpose of this room: Tip even a single token if you would like to participate in this project.... Your tips will be re-gifted to "cool" grey members. I will encourage them to verify and once they do, tip them so they can also be blue. I watch 99% of comments and "demands" made by grey members and I question humanity. Occasionally, we come across cool people who just happen to be grey and unable to purchase tokens for one reason or another. I would like blue names to signify a well-spoken, polite member. I would like to all broadcasters to have the ability to silence greys in their rooms and dramatically increase the percentage of blue members. Imagine a Chaturbate without "open tits" or constant stupid demands, where every chatter is blue, respectful and promoting a good chat and good website where everyone can enjoy themselves. Please tip even a single token if you would like this to happen. I will keep a log of every member "re-gifted" so you know your tips are going to a good place.

Need to verify:

Not a "performer". Member of the MOD MAFIA. You can find me in Priincess20, CherryChush, livefreeforlife, thegoldencunt's, or other cool performers rooms! Models, I'm happy to Mod for you but only Mod for models who don't "demand" tips. No one likes demanding greys and no one likes demanding performers!


Sign up for Chaturbate, it's free. No Credit Card required, no email needed. Click this link to signup and CB will toss me 10 tokens! /7zN5D/?track=default


Good Mod Rules to live by:
1) Don't silence greys unless they are posting images or flooding. The broadcasters need to learn to ignore demanders and rude people. The more viewers they have, the more points they get towards the hourly contest, which can get them 50-100 tokens an hour. People who are silenced, leave.
2) Do not demand tips on behalf of the broadcaster or even thank members for their tips. You didn't get tipped. Let the broadcaster do that.
3) Promote the "200 Free Tokens" age verification bonus as well as the Affiliate Program.
Affiliate Program: Sign up for an account by clicking here: - click on your Profile in the top right corner then click "Share and Earn". Spread those link codes around to earn tokens you can tip broadcasters with.

Nickname: f1v3
Site: chaturbate
Age: 31
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes