23 year old male. Here to show off a good time and make a little money on the side. Please be respectful to the female performers on my profile. Be generous, tip well, and have fun!


1. Do NOT attempt to haggle your way out of the goal. If you have a special request, include it with a tip in the appropriate amount.

2. Do NOT post GIF images. They fuck up our bandwidth and ruin the day for everyone. They are disabled from our vewing, so you're wasting your time posting them. You will be banned if you persist.

3. Do NOT spam requests, especially if You're grey. Tippers get their way, and that's the only way.

4. Do NOT CAP without permission. We have caught people before, and they have been permabanned from this site as a result. Don't be next. Enjoy the shows, not the reruns.

5. Do NOT attempt to obtain or guess personal info about the performers. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE RULE, and will not be given warning. Doing so will result in a Permaban.

6. Do NOT advertise a single damned thing in our chat room. You WILL get your virtual ass kicked back to where you came from.

7. You must speak fluent english to be in our chat room. If you don't speak english, or your english is shitty, you will be kicked.

--Please be cordial and polite to the female performers here. If you follow my rules and tip generously, I promise you will have a lot of fun viewing us. We are not strict; we simply have no time and no room for Trolls and Jackasses. Also Feel free to donate to any wishlists the performers may post. Any little bit goes a long way, and you WILL be shown significant favor.

Nickname: fuckmothering_vampire
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: male/female

Kinky Attributes

One Tattoo