PhoNe DumP Raffle!!!!!

Starting on 21st of may ends June the 30th. Each ticket costs 25 tokens and get's your name in the sexy hat, where on the 15 th of june I will draw the lucky bastard from (online of course).

  • First place wins all the pictures on my phone + a video on request + 15 more pictures (you get to direct the video and pictures as well)

  • Second place: a video+ 10 pictures (upon request of course

  • Third place: a teaser video and 5 pics!

The following is in the track for the sexy phone dump raffle: Shaytan , DjPyro, Td, Infamouz, beloki... Hurry up, it's the middle of the month already!

The more tickets, the more chances!Please mention in the tips what they are for..! For additional info, just ask!

About me:

Your average cognac drinking, love to get naked on the internet and show my privates kind of girl. It kind of gets me off, but that is our little secret.
But seriously now, I would like to think I'm a complex person, fun , funny, happy, positive. You know.. all the bubbly. sexy stuff.
I'm mostly open to all unseemly, stupid stuff. Just name it.


The Wall Of Fame (... and sexynes) :

  • Anonymous~ A mysterious someone:)1000+

  • Iveno ~700

  • James ~ 500

Or! tip 1111 tokens and you get your own little place on my wall of sexyness!

What is the Wall of Sexyness? It's the place of honor of the biggest tippers as a thank you for showing so much love. This is the virtual Wall of Fame, but there is a physical version as well, which is literally a wall: My living room wall :). [P.s. by biggest tipped, we should understand one single tip]

My lovelies get all sorts of goodies at the end of each month. The goodies differ each time and they are personalized to each and everyone's taste and wants.

(If you like what's going on in my room.. or just like me, please show your appreciation by tipping. )


Room rules

  • No illegal stuff! No fisting, no scat and no pee talk. No excuses. Plus! I'm a lady, we don't do such things, we just powder our noses:)

  • Do not call me BB, I'm sure I don't need to explain why

  • Requests are for tips. I'm more than happy to fulfill the wants and needs of everybody, the goofier/unseemly the better, but keep in mind that it's only fair to give something in return if you are going to have requests.

  • Please don't PM for casual chit chat. I'm more than happy to chat about all random and less random, but use the private option for that.Also, I'm sure that you can ask how I'm doing in public chat as well :P.

  • How about anal? Sure thing! I love anal and I love many aspects of BDSM, fetishism all kink related, but that is reserved for my private room. My private is what is it is, it's private. I don't allow spying. I think it's fair like that, plus I don't want anyone spying on our intimate time together.

  • There is nothing worse then the awkward silence, if you are in the room, means you are there to chat/ watch a show. Contribute and chat. That is the point/fun! Remember? :)

  • No I don't want to see a dick on cam, I saw hundreds of them, there's probably not much that another cock can offer that is to be surprising. But! I do view cams in pvt! By cam I mean the whole person, not just their genitalia!!!

  • A rule of great importance: if you don't like whats going on in my room, feel free to go and creep on someone else, the www is huge, there must be someone out there who is more fitting to your taste. Don't creep around in my chat and ruin everyone's mood. No one likes a party pooper

  • Respect my Friends! If they are my friends they must be cool :P


In case you got this far with the reading, you have my deepest appreciation .

Hugs and Titties!!!


Post scriptum: --> Every Day Updates.. A.k.a silly mumblings. Sometimes they even get

Post scriptum2: --> Ask away

Post scriptum3:


  • At the moment I have one video available for sale:10 minutes of me getting of. A huge dildo, a buttplug and some porn.I dare to call it double penetration. Myself in my natural habitat as we would call it :) - 400 Tokens. Please mention in the tip what it is for. I'm a blonde girl at heart, I need specifications :)

Nickname: glossdoll
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Pierced here and there: snake bites, navel and my pussy lips are kind of pierced in 4 places and a girly girl tatoo.