Anybody: Ask me anything about myself I won't feel uncomfortable. Demanding will get you nowhere.
Girls: Honestly just looking for some girls who want to have some c2c fun (ask for s k y p e or msn), but I love to just chat!
Guys I have no problem with you being in here. But all I'll do is chat with you. No showing no pm, you get what you get. Any guy over 40 that just sits there and doesn't talk will be kicked. Sorry just not into older guys just sitting and looking at me. Any demanding or if I just find you annoying will result in kicking. Just be cool and there won't be any problems
Anonymous Not that hard to sign up considering it's free. Go sign up and you're welcome to come back

Don't be an asshole and we'll get along just fine :D

Nickname: gregory1992
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

three tattoos