I am a Geek at heart , though i am older i feel y o u n g on the inside : ) I love playing video games , watching movies, roller skating , bicycling , having fun and of course Sex !! I am Married and yes she is a blond , we have been together for 22 years. I am not Fake or Rude to anyone , so be nice to me and i will be nice to you : )

My TUMBLR is here

I Mod for several models/rooms here on CB , I do not take advantage of my power to silence someone, everyone was grey once !! So be nice , if you don't have tokens , that's ok , just don't be rude or make requests and NO BB or OPEN BOOBS !

My favorite rooms here are Cockycaucasions , Addicted91 , Darlingdreamer , Dewcydler and xokatyxo . All of these rooms are NOT fake and are really NICE interesting people : ) Most of the time we are just having fun chatting , hanging out and being ourselves , if you have not been to any of these rooms please DO , You won't be sorry !

Shout out to the Mods i have met here, Bigmichael89 , Chopper82p , Banhammer, Sqrtlvr , Markymark62, AV8R , Shaw, KingCocky ,Welshy, Coyh , Cumm4, Manmis9 , Mearewill , and Peace_Rude , if i missed someone YOU know who u are!!

If anyone needs a Banner made of there user name , look up Mearewill or hmbiohazard , they are experts !!

Nickname: htwhvgm
Site: chaturbate
Age: 48
Sex: male

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