I am usually on here with my FRIEND Ashley. My name is Annika and I am the fat one! (inside joke) And no we will NOT play with each others pussy's unless you pay up! The more tokens we get the more you see.

25 tokens for a boob flash
50 tokens for pussy flash
1000 s.k.y.p.e.
1200 email
1350 real first names
1500 for a phone call
2000 for phone number
5000 facebook

We LOVE our MODS!!!!
All of our mods are known as Charlies or Ninja's!
All of our Charlies

Rules of WTF: Tip the girls if you have a request! NO GRAPHICS PLS! Dont Beg! Dont ask to go see your cam! Dont ask to chat in private if you're not tipping! Be polite! Dont be Rude! English only!

If we forgot anyone of you and you would like your name on our list ask and we will see what we can do! Charlies if you want your names on here write us and let us know!

Annika and Ashley

Nickname: humunh
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: male/female

Kinky Attributes