october 25th>

Im doing okie tonight yay =]

My latest Work in progress "Music Track "

You are more than a memory... /youaremorethanamemory-wip

if you didnt watch this or just didnt beleive it well i dont know how UFOs or UDFO what ever this live feeds dont lie UM&feature;=related
just an eye opener
last year

My s k y p ---e is cutelittleeddy

Delayed request list:;



Black Jesus Video, Funny hehe AQ&feature;=player_embedded

my music snippets, (mixtape coming soon)

You are more than a memory... /youaremorethanamemory-wip
My Love for you yw&hd;=1
GrindinRep /grindinrep
Real Will Survive /newrealwillsurvive2

Full Songs

I'm'a Love you till I die fI&hd;=1
Warzone kc&hd;=1

if you are wondering if my screen name is true, it is so you know that ahead of time it seems to be a popular question,I like video games,, Id say relating to my sexual preferences I am into women/female... I enjoy speed skating, Iike taking long walks around town, and I like um riding my motorcycle I like , several different types of programming fields, such as Video game design, um php and internet programming, and i enjoy making music i am a musician artist and i do graphic design 3d and 2d modelling, and, i suppose ill add more later if i get around to it


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