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....Hello, I'm Dawn Willow and yes I assure you I am a real person. I am 19 years old and I enjoy being a webcam girl not just because of the tokens, but it's fun to express a very hidden side of myself. I consider it a dirty alter ego of mine.
In reality I'm a video game enthusiast and a total hermit, turn based strategy, rpg's, mmo's, and simulation games are personal favs. In my freetime I read novels, manga, and watch anime, LOVE to shop, animal and nature lover, and have a big sweet tooth! I'm shy and tend to take things to heart, I don't have many real life friends because of anxiety or a sense of fashion to speak of but I'm pretty sweet if I do say so myself. If you ever need a friend I'm here TWICE a day most days. No set schedule but check my twitter for a heads up.

Sexually I'm quite adventurous, ask and get to know what I like.I can squirt sometimes when I cum, but after a long day I might not gush as hard. Sometimes my boyfriend will join and I will gag and spit on my boyfriend's cock for your enjoyment and I'll even take it up my ass on here! Mostly it's just me on here to play with you all, and I'm glad to be here to get to know so many wonderful people and share my turn on's with.

Tip Amounts~

25=Breast flash, 50=Ass spread, 75=Pussy spread, 100=Finger Pussy, 125=Finger Ass

25=PM back and forth

Special offers~

TIP ME 500 TOKENS AT ONE TIME to gain access to my personal messenger, ventrillo, and always be the first to hear about updates that I may offer in the future on chaturbate and my website TERA, Minecraft, EVE. The only rule is no carebearing I am strictly a PVPer ^.^ If you play different games that's okay I can always get them. I'll PM you with my messenger name and then we'll discuss plans for grouping up destroying together. How romantic <3

What Are The Rules ---->
First and foremost, you need atleast one token to be able to talk in this room otherwise sit and enjoy in silence, I appreciate all viewers!

I'm not a tyrant, I don't have ANY mods and I will not make you a mod. I have all the control I need to keep this room behaved by myself. My only "rules" for the room is be respectful with what you say. If you want something ask me about it, and of course tip for it. I don't watch camara's for any amount of tokens, and I don't want to meet up with anyone or exchange messengers. I won't tell you where I live ect.

If you want to PM and talk with me TIP to get my attention and keep it, not overly large amounts 25 is just fine :)

What If I'm Broke Right Now?- Don't have tokens to spend? That's okay! The least you can do is be pleasent conversation until the show begins or someone is generous to tip me. I don't mind you commenting on what's going on at all but please do not request or demand if you have nothing to spare. Watch and enjoy and FOLLOW of course! I remember names of people that frequent my room and hey who knows if your nice enough I might MOAN your name :)


What If I Want A Private?- Tell me ahead of a time what you want to see so we don't waste your tokens. Don't private with me during a show in public, I find it rude to leave as soon as I make goal. No I cannot watch your cam or see you during privates. You may direct me during the private show and you may tell me what positions you find best to watch or what naughty tricks you'd like to see me perform.
If you have a special request (couple show) or kinkier taste for a private show PM me and schedule it ahead of time.

Nickname: innocent
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

3 Lip piercings and both ears