im 5'9 with green eyes and 36c. i have a tiny waist and big hips and im a smart ass. your your not likely to find me drilling myself in free chat on a regular basis (special occasions yay!) i dont take kindly to stupid people. yes im chubby thats why its in my profile. if you want something tip and ask nicely and i shall be happy to oblige. my highest single tip on here so far has been 4000 tokies by boyd91! highest combined tip 8075 tokies by louie2012! beat it and be GREATLY rewarded. also i <3 you and your special. each and every one of you beeches.
wall of especially special people:
teh winner of the auction john so7545
boyd91 <3
louie 2012 <3

Nickname: jaydenrainey
Site: chaturbate
Age: 22
Sex: female

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