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I'm a young guy who likes to showing off as much as watching, equal parts exhibitionist & voyeur.

At my current age I appreciate the beautiful aspects of the human body, female and male. Some might call me bicurious in the sense that I do sometimes watch fit and/or well-hung guys on cam on this site. For the most part though, I'm here to watch the girls. Really depends on who's on cam at any given time.

I've never had any physical experiences with guys, and I don't desire intimacy with men. For the majority of my life I've considered myself 100% straight and I've always lived a heterosexual lifestyle. As I've grown I realize sexuality isn't black and white, so in reality I'm probably, say 95% straight.

However, I definitely do enjoy attention, just so long as you're not posing as somebody other than yourself and you're not pushy, demanding, or obnoxious. I realize that 99% of the people who will ever view my cam are men. I accept that fact, and I'm alright with it. Just be yourself.

Other than that I'm a very open-minded, easy going guy who likes to chat. If you're cool, I'll always try to put on the best show possible.

Nickname: jd3bud
Site: chaturbate
Age: 25
Sex: male