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1. Do NOT tell me what to do. You are not the director of my show. I am. If you would like to see something please tip. If you are unable to tip then just sit back and I am sure it will happen eventually.
2. Do NOT post pictures, it slows my internet up and my internet is shitty as is. It will result in an ban, no if and's or buts about it!
3. I only let my FRIENDS be MOD's. If you have been to my chat room once that don't count, if you ever bugged me about something your not it, if you never gave good conversation or tipped your sure the fuck not my friend.

SV: sieMinx

Tips can get you far in my room. I have little time for people who tell me what to do, its my cam show. If you have no monies then just sit back and watch or give good conversation.
For the most part my cam show insist of lots of booty shaking and playing with my big ol tittys (38DD). Email: JessieMinx (at) rocketmail (dot) com

If you wanna join in all the fun feel free to buy tokens under this link: /dBM4X/
I earn $$$ for each user that joins under this link . . . so even if you don't spend them on me your helping out ;)

I sell my # for 3,400tks or $200 . . . I always reply to my text and when I am drunk I send out dirty pictures for free lmao!

I fucking love gifts!!!! If you feel extra nice check it out . . . I'll even send out thank you's in exchange for being so sweet!
Buy any 5 items off my "DVD's/Books" list and I will send you a video in return, buy 10 and you can get a custom made video!

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Nickname: jessieminx
Site: chaturbate
Age: 22
Sex: female

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