I enjoy doing kinky things while masturbating, I of couse have limits, however it is impossible to determine your limits without trying everything, so if you would like me to do something please ask if i am comfortable. Things i am comfortable with: Masturbating (Obviously),
Some ass play (I can only finger as i have no toys).
But please ask anything about my limits, but feel free to "demand" things as I enjoy being your slave, and doing what ever i can to please you! I will call everyone in my room "Mistress" as default, however please specify if you would like to be called anything else, eg. Ma'am, Goddess, Master, Sir!

I am a straight male, however I enjoy all sorts of kinky things, My favorate thing is when I am told how to masturbate,
eg. faster, slower, harder, softer, if i should stick fingers up my ass, (how many) and what to watch (Eg if i should watch gay porn, a big black guy jacking off, or even a transexual!)

I have recently started enjoying Cuckold porn (The act of watching your lover be fucked by someone else), I love the idea of a hot girl forcing me to suck a big cock, while she tells me i cannot please her. I can just imagine the big cum load in my mouth, all sweet yet salty. My cock is dripping at the thought of it!

If you give me jerk off instructions, please tell me before I cum, if you want me to eat it, as i will cum on my hand, or a plate if you want, or if you want me to cum at all. (I love being denied!)

Nickname: kinkyslutboy91
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes