Age: 31
Little age (If applicable): 5
Name: Crystal
Role: little
Years experience (If applicable): less than a year
Location: Georgia
Sexual Orientation: straight
Looking for: Daddy

I have brown hair, green eyes and glasses. I am 5'6" and 250 lbs so I'm definitely BBW. I like playing video games and watching movies. I also like to read books and color on occasion. I have panic disorder with agorophobia, major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder so I need a Daddy that is understanding of this. I'm not a sexual person right from the beginning. I need to trust my Daddy and feel safe with him before my sexual side comes out. I love to be spoiled and can be bratty if I don't get my way. I need a lot of attention and affection so I need a Daddy that I can text/talk with frequently.

What kind of babygirl are you?
Your Result: Spoiled
You are a little feisty. Daddy may have to tell you to bite your tongue on occasion because you enjoy talking back and being a little bratty. Daddy probably has to punish you more than other little girls, especially when you're stubborn. Daddy enjoys being around you because you are a f0rce to be reckoned with and he likes the challenge. You and your Daddy may enjoy: Playfully fighting, making faces at each other, and having eternal arguments over which one of you is a "butthead".
Result Breakdown:
77% Spoiled
43% Princess
34% Sexy
15% Happy-go-lucky
14% Punk

Nickname: kittycat720
Site: chaturbate
Age: 31
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes