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~~~~~~~~~~~~~HIGH TIPS WALL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1ST PLACE AND THE HIGHEST TIP~~~~~hanel with a single tip of---->2500
2ND PLACE HIGH TIP~~~~shr3k with a single tip of------->2400
Runner Up~~~hanel with a single tip of--->2345________________________________________________________
im fun, funny, spontanious, and totally never know whats gonna be next with me ;)
I am very open minded and willing to try just about anything which leads me to the
~~~~~~~RULES OF MY ROOM~~~~~~~~~~~~~
**(i will not do ANYTHING sexual with my cat period no questions asked , cut or injure myself , and/or urinate or poo for any of you..on chaturbate that is!)**

but please if you would like me to do something of your request all i ask is that you kindly tip.....and put your requests with that tip....
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1-I do NOT view rooms while im broadcasting...SO QUIT ASKING PLEASE!
2-I AM NOT A DOMINATRIX LOOKING FOR CAMSLAVES, BITCHES, SISSY BOYS, OR ANYTHING OF THAT main aim with the name is financial domination, humilialion, and blackmail.
3- NO BB in my room.....!
~~~~~~~~~~spoken words of wisdom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Greys that type long polite sentences get more attention then "ASS!"" ~Hanel~
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Welcome Viewers, Plz read the Bio. In this room politeness is paramount. Same rules as nearly every other room. No bb, no PM, no graphics, no rudeness,no Caps, English only. If you want attention then tip, otherwise sit back and enjoy. Intelligent conversation and compliments are welcome. ~jgm63~

Nickname: letmedominateyou
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

nipple rings, belly button ring