My camwhoring on /soc/ in the chubby threads eventually developed into this :)
For those that dont know, /soc/ is a board on 4chan with a bunch of camwhore threads.

Here's my tumblr for those of you interested in random pictures and random whining.

My current possible schedule:
Since Im working 8-5 during the week, look forward to my weekend shows. Friday and sautrday night, and sunday afternoon.

My boobs are a 38 D or DD, depends on the brand

Story of my name:
When I was on my high school swim team, after practice I would take my cap off and hair down and swim like a mermaid underwater with my friends. It was our way to attempt to have fun in the water that we spent all day in.

My biggest rule/request for my room is that everyone just plays nice. I like answering questions and really dont have limits to what I'll talk about, but if you're rude or trolling you will get kicked. If you dont have tokens, thats fine, but remember you are getting a free show that others paid for, so be polite.

PMs will only be answered if it is to talk about things like privates. It is distracting to switch back and forth between tabs, and not fair to those that chat in the main room.

Nickname: letsplaymermaid
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Belly button piercing