I'm a submissive and love to take orders :)

**Categorized as a submissive/slave**

* Im an old soul. I like the whole thought of the 1950s household kind of stuff. I love it actually. I always thought I was born at the wrong time.
* I am turning into somewhat of a painslut. Master has corrupted me. <3
* My mouth literally waters thinking about sucking cock.. for my Master's cock.
* I love swallowing very much, Master's cum tastes the best I've EVER tasted.
* I get wet thinking about disgusting, dirty things. Things that should not make a normal person horny.
* I love to text dirty things to people when they least expect it, while they are at work, ect ect.
* I love being controlled. Im a very confident lady but the idea of giving someone complete control of me is very exciting to me. Im talking about them having control from telling me what the wear to if I can use the bathroom and everything in between.
* I love being told to do things. Being told to do things is the biggest turn on, I swear. Told to lick the toilet clean, told to lick your feet, told to do disgusting things, told to give blowjobs, told to lick ass, told to do anything. Very sexy.
* I love begging and asking for permission. The humiliation aspect always gets me very wet.
* I love being humiliated. Funny thing.. Humiliation. It turns me on a lot more than a lot of things I like.
* I like licking vibrators/buttplugs/dildos clean once they have been in my ass. I love being humiliated.
* I love feeling full and filled so I love having a dildo in my cunt and a dildo in my ass and being told to just fuck myself.
* I love being called degrading names, in the right setting of course.
* I love the idea of not being able to have an orgasm for a long time. I mean.. I love having them, anyone would. I just like the idea of being told no and always being in this constant horny state where I can do nothing about it.
* I love wearing my buttplug in public, and I love wearing it to the point of pain and discomfort.
* I love having my cunt filled and wearing a cunt plug all day long.
* I like pain.. I dont know how extreme it is yet, but I definitely like bruises and stinging pain. Spanking, whips, crops, a hairbrush, I love it.
* Nipple clamps, especially japanese clover clamps are the devil.. but oh so fun to always have sore nipples.
* I love feeling owned, controlled, helpless but trusting them enough to give myself to them.
* I love the whole idea of rules, punishment, structure, everything. I love it very much and crave it more than anything.
* I love being treated like a sex toy.. always at your disposal. Always ready. Basically used as a cum-dump. As long as you are happy.. Im happy.
* I loveee being deepthroated to the point where Im gagging and gasping for air.
* I love having Master piss down my throat, pissing on me, and humiliating me in the process. Im talking about toilet slave kind of stuff. You are sitting on the couch or in bed not wanting to get up and ordering me to put my mouth around your cock so you can piss.
* I like the idea of being told to to lick ass, clean or dirty. For hours, making my tongue so sore and tired I cant stand it anymore. The idea of a guy sitting on my face, ordering me to lick his asshole while he just goes about watching tv or on the computer, completely ignoring me.
* I love the idea of going out in public with a short skirt on with no panties while cum drips out of my pussy, or cum on my face.
* Im not bisexual by any means but being told to to service a girl for humiliation purposes turns me on a lot.
* I like the idea of living this lifestyle 24/7 when it comes to that of course. Im still a romantic and love kissing, cuddling, laughing, going out to dinner, going on dates, ect. I just want both because Im a greedy bitch and believe that I can have kink and love.
* There is a lot more things that I am into, so definitely read my fetish list or ask me. I respond to every email.. I would feel bad if I didnt because I know if I sent an email out and I didnt get a reply.. Id be sad :P
* Icyhot is my new favorite thing in the world. It is a complete bitch but I love the pain of it <3

**Im filled with lollipops, rainbows, and cotton candy.. yummy.**

*I have ambitions, Im smart, I finished college, I have dreams, I have opinions, and I have beliefs. Im strong willed and will tell you exactly how I feel. Im a different kind of sub/slave. If you have read this far, I applaud you. Im not the easiest to get along with and I am ridiculously stubborn. Aside from all of that.. I still think Im a good person with a big heart. I care a lot for people and that wont ever change. Im definitely a hopeless romantic and that hopefully will never change either. Im not some ignorant slut :) <3*

My name for this website is obviously **LusciousLollypop**. I might tell you my real name if you are lucky ;)
*I am twenty-one years old.*
*I'm a camera whore, I love taking pictures of things and myself. *
*I am 5'2.*
*Hazel eyes.*
*Red long hair.*
*Chubby/Curves in the right places. On the bigger side. Still beautiful ;) If you don't like a bigger type of girl.. I'm not the girl for you. xoxo*
*DD38 size breasts.*
*Size 6 1/2 shoe size :) lol*
Hope I covered everything on the physical spectrum.

flashing boobs = 25
playing with boobs = 50
flashing pussy = 50
playing with pussy for less then a minute = 100
fucking my pussy = 200
fucking my ass = 500
getting naked and leaving clothes off = 200
light kink = 200.
major kink = 500.
private room UPFRONT fee = 500
everything else after UPFRONT fee = read everything to know
knowing my real name = 1000
skkyyyype = 1000 for ten minutes
personal e-mail contact = 1000
personal video (ranging from 10-30 minutes) = 2000
special requests = ranging between 200-500

ALL people who tip me over 1000 -- you get a free 10 minutes even if you already tipped me for something else.

I am a filthy slut and like it rough.. so keep that in mind :D

Nickname: lusciouslollypop
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: female