We are new to this and would like to keep the experience fun and exciting.

Both of us have jobs and are busy in the real world; We are both expecting. This means we are having a baby! So we are limited on the amount of time we can spend on Chatterbate :3 Raising a child isn't going to be cheap Help us out and Donate :3


No Fisting, No footjobs / Boobie jobs and no squirting.

Requests Must be made with tips!

No Graphics

Have Respect for the lady,

- No Bb, babe, baby etc.

Have Respect for the Man,

- I know I'm a chubby fucker, get over it :3

Childish jokes will get you banned.


General Respect is a must; Jesus Said "Don't be a dick."

If you're going to be a general "Juicebox" leave.

No warnings will be given. Our Mods Will Silence you.

=-Tips And Requests-=

We have no toys! If you want to see some in our shows Checkout our wishlists!

[25 Tokens]
Boob Flash / Dick
Spankings (Once Per 5 Tokens)
Song Requests
[50 - 100 Tokens]
Atricle of Clothing Strip
Masturbation (Her to Him; Im cheap :D )
[200 Tokens]
Ass Play
Masturbation (Him to Her; She's not! )

[500 Tokens]
Request Play
We don't mind doing private shows

Nickname: masqueradeball
Site: chaturbate
Age: 18
Sex: male/female