Hello, Welcome to Hubby and I's cam. I hope you enjoy watching us have fun.

We are a 40 something couple. Most of the time it will be just me appearing on cam but, Hubby will be joining me for special requests and such.

We are very into BDSM.
I love to be tied up.
I love to be whiped.
I enjoy fisting and anal play.
I love to pegg my Hubby and he loves it too.
We switch in our relationship, sometimes it is him tieing me up and other times it is me tieing him up.
Breast torture is a lot of fun and I enjoy nipple clamps and such.
We recently found that I can squirt rather well and I just adore doing it. Squirting feels amazing, it may be a bit messy but it is a lot of fun.

Nickname: meandhubby40
Site: chaturbate
Age: 42
Sex: female