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About me!
I'm Mel, 19 years old and a college student! I'm a giant nerd, and love to talk about geeky things. I can be shy, awkward and even dorky, but also very sexy and sensual in the bedroom (It comes along with being a redhead) I like movies, books, art, video games, laser tag, masturbating and bike riding. I don't tolerate rude people, but if you're nice to me I will be nice to you!

YES I AM A NATURAL REDHEAD, NO IT IS NOT THIS RED. I have a landing strip, so there's your proof :p
My Show
In my public shows you can expect to see striptease, dancing, flirting, pussy play and sometimes toys, all depending on my mood.
If you want something a little more intimate, you can take me private. In private shows I enjoy dirty talk, roleplay, toys and fetishes.
I am very rarely in the mood for anal, so ask first and don't demand!

5- Blow kiss
25- Dance
25- Feet
50- Ass
100- Boobies!
150-View your cam

Special Things
If you're interested in custom videos, photos, sky pe shows, panties or anything else like that check out my blog and send me an email! Do not ask to pay for anything with pay-pal though.
I don't want to have a big scary rules list, but I'll lay down the basics. Please be respectful, don't ask rude questions, beg, demand without tips, post graphics, or pm me for no specific reason. I'm happy to chat if you don't have tokens, just don't be rude or make requests.

Highest tippers of all time!

1. Jerome1990 - 2200
2. Scalpcrush - 2013
3. Ezusa - 1100
4. Abbafan - 1010!
5. 10goldinches - 1000

Nickname: melbelle
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: female