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Also we have a new fund, a car fund!
I want a safer car because the one i have now is a lunchbox.
We need to save about 120.000 tokens for this!
So please help us with everything you can :D!
And thank you so much for helping.

You will get the videos after i see that the giftcard works :). And from my german amazon! You can always send me an email for more info:

Who are we?

Hey everyone,

I'm Melissa. Welcome in my room!
Me and my boyfriend broadcast on here and do awesome shows.
We are a awesome couple as i may say so myself. We do what we want, but we always deliver if we say so.
In our room we chat, and masturbate :).
So please try to have fun, and talk, we like that. No one likes a quite room right?

sign up so you can see me come online, or that you can tip:
- /qsApI/?track=earntokens
- /qsApI/?track=default

About me

-Who is that BOY: That is my boyfriend John, so no i don't want to meet you or have a date with you
-I don't do dates for money, or have sex for money
-are those boobs real: they are real if you can touch them! but i had some filling added.
-What size where they before? 32AA, and now they are 32E
-No i'm not turkish so stop asking that!
-I cannot squirt, so please do not ask for this, also i don't do anal sex, and sometimes i put a toy in there but that is a rare occasion :)!
-Guys, all nice and stuff, but i seriously don't like it if you contact me, give me my privacy ok? if i want private contact with you, you will know. but otherwise don't look for me.



You are given ONE warning to follow these rules, if not followed, you will be silenced and/or kicked.
Do NOT make a request without a tip!! If your name is grey sit back and enjoy what you're getting.
NO BB, BABE, OR BABY! My name is Melissa - use it!
We are NOT brother and sister, He is also a guy and not a girl, he is my boyfriend.
No graphics.
No caps.
No advertising your room or other rooms.
No fisting or squirting, so don't ask. i can show my feet but please tip for this and do not demand it.
NO disrespect!
We choose our MODS, so please don't ask!
If our mods feel like kicking anyone for any reason, they have the power to do so.
If you have a problem with what is said or done in this room, then GTFO! We are all adults and if you can't take the shit, then a cam site is not the place for you to be!
If we are "boring" you, click CTRL + / -, and otherwise GTFO.

The use of my profile, pictures, broadcasts, and/or videos, in any form online or offline now or in the future is not permissible without Melissa or Python's written consent. Any act to promote or gain profit (monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, pictures, broadcasts, and/or videos is a violation of my privacy and subject to IMMEDIATE legal action. If you record my broadcast, i will find this. I have a lot of people watching out for me.

Nickname: melissa191
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: male/female

Kinky Attributes

tattoo on foot, ankle, and 1 piercing