Each ticket to the raffle is 250 tkns.
Raffle drawing is on 6-25-12 at 11pm pacific time.
First Place - pair of panties & 20 minute password show
Second Place - 15 min password show & 6 pics
Third place - 6 pictures
The more tickets you buy- the better chance you have of winning!
Make sure you put "raffle" in the tip note :) >

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Milfy's Code of Conduct (MCC)
* * *
<bPlease click "FOLLOW" so that you can know and join me when I am broadcasting a live show.>

<font color="red">>>>>>> NO GRAPHICS PLEASE!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<>>

( you may be silenced without warning)

A. I can not be bought. I do what I want, when I want. So please refrain from begging and demanding. (Hint: try appreciation and polite asking, you may get better results.)
B. Tokens are a symbol of appreciation, which I will gladly accept.
C. I will not watch other cams or have private chats while I am broadcasting (with very few exceptions).
D. If you don't like what you see, you can go somewhere else.
E. Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.
F. A few ways to surely get yourself SILENCED or BANNED:
- 1. Complaining or saying "Come on".
- 2. Typing an entire line of the same letter.
- 3. Using hateful words towards anyone or anything.
-Other than that, I plan on having lots of fun, so please stay and have a great time!!! :)

II. SECONDLY: (answers to FAQ)
- A. I am single by choice (not married, no boyfriend).
- B. I really did just turn 32.
- C. I wear a size 36D bra.
- D. I am 5'8".
- E. I have one child, she is almost two years old.
- F. I won't say where I live.
- G. And I am broadcasting LIVE!!!
MILF = Mother I'd Like to Fuck. Age has nothing to do with it. "Cougar" is an age related term, that i do not identify with. Btw, the name "Milfy" was given to me by others before i ever came to this site. I don't want to seem presumptious, and yet I do enjoy the name quite a bit. As for fucking 20 year olds, the answer is yes, if I liked them a lot I would rock their world. LOL
IV. Register for a free account using this link (you support me personally by clicking here): /N6SnZ/?track=default&room;=milfy
V. And if you are gonna buy more tokens: Click here first: /N6SnZ/?track=default&room;=milfy
*May we all find what we are looking for with ease and grace.*
Special thanks to all of you who continue to support me with your generosity and kindness. It is much appreciated. :)

Nickname: milfy
Site: chaturbate
Age: 32
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Does my smile count?