Miss Kaylan <3 

Welcome to my room. I am a sexy and confident BBW who loves to make your fantasies come true. I live with my roommate and sometimes he likes to cam with me. I do not tolorate rude people, so if you come in expecting to be rude then you will automatically be banned.  If you do not like BBWs then please refrain from entering my room. 

***** If you love me then please check out my wish list or contribute to one of my funds and you will get a video and some special pictures from me ****** 

Rules <3
- Tip first and then request and please make sure that your tip amount is worthy of what you are asking from me
- No demanding
- I do not private message unless you are a paying guest.
- I do not fist, do anal, or pee. 

My rules are pretty straight forward and simple but they must be in place to keep my room orderly, and as long as you play by the rules we will get along just fine.

My Keepsakes List

Please make sure when you make a tip for these items that you include what you want and your email address so that I can get them to you as soon as I logg off.

25 Tokens - My personal Yahoo or ID
50 tokens - 5 nude pics of me!

75 tokens - 1 video of my choice and 5 pictures.

100 tokens - 1 video of my choice, 5 pictures and you are added to my SUGAR DADDY LIST       

150 tokens - 1 personalized video with me screaming your name as I fuck my tight wet pussy. (please include your first name when tipping)

300 tokens - Private 1 on 1 show with me on yahoo (10 mins).

400 tokens - My cell phone number with unlimited texts (no calls and for US residents only).

500 tokens - A pair of my panties (my choice of which ones). It can be ones that I have worn or a fresh clean pair, you decide. Please include email so that I can email you for your address.


To everyone that is on this list.. THANK YOU for your support!!

**Atroxknight - 500 Tokens

**Moviemnn - 300 Tokens

**Salfordguy - 100 Tokens

**Skipyboi - 100 Tokens

**Randyaronian - 100 Tokens

**Chrisssss - 100 Tokens

**Swb21 - 100 Tokens

**Rebelbuck <3 - 100 Tokens

**Sneezer - Amazon Wishlist Items (dildo, viberator, makeup set, handcuffs)

*** MY MODS **

If you disrespect me or my mods then be prepared to be scilenced // banned.

** CANNON69420






** SUPRA415415


** WASP420










Nickname: miss_kaylan
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

Tattoos, Nipple Piercing, Tongue Piercing, Lip Piercing