FYI: There will be NO shows until after I move. So don't ask to see anything. I'm only on here to talk to friends and make friends.


********About Me********
~Name: Raven
~S.O: Bisexual
~Status: Engaged
~Fiancee: Kavik
~Religion: Wiccan
~Race: Hybrid (Demon and vampire)
********Room Rules********
1. No tokens = No tips = NO SHOW!!!!!
2. READ the goal that is set. It does what the goal says
3. No cam 2 cam
4. No PMS
5. My fiancee will be on here with me every so often, so be respectful of him
6. Tip for requests
7. Be respectful to everyone in the room
8. No contact info will be given
9. No demanding (especially if your a grey)
10. No Graphics
********My Website********
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------> Cuz people are still update daily with changes to text and new section dont bother going and bitchy that it shyt.let me see you fuck type code assholes! with no class or people tell you how do it!
new offical site fiancee is seting up
Be for everything relate to our life.
Anything we sell/want sell/auction we be listed their
Donation to make site better talk me in chat room,if know you or seem serious(if you tip often) then we will cont. serious talks about how donate in PM

Nickname: moka_akashiya
Site: chaturbate
Age: 22
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes