My Room - my rules!
Not like it? Good! Than get the fu**k outa here and leave!
I not someone to come in here - i not charge anyone.
BUT - just sometimes - I set a goal! THAN IT IS THAT what counts.
I not here to make money - BUT i like the kick (sometimes) to get "paid" for doing someones orders.

Anyways - that means i am independent - and not in needs for any Tokens or desperate to get them - so no begs or rude things unless you are the goal-reacher.
Than in private-you can order everything :-)
Than i am your "mindless whore" hahaha

Sometimes - you will see here maybe some private MOVIES - so - than that will be the "room-topic" :-)

Any requests for a Video or Photo-Set? Let me know and i will manage ti make it... You can buy it for tokens here than.
Videos can be with Girls or Ladyboy :-) YOU wanna be in a Video with me in action? Come here-and we make it together :-)

sky pe: marc70thailand
yahoo: desejo6

Nickname: pattaya2012
Site: chaturbate
Age: 42
Sex: male