I don't accept tokens because I don't want them. I love sex and I love my body and I am a giving person who would be doing this anyway, so you may as well watch. Knowing that my pussy gets you off gets me off even more.

I don't do anal, no weird fetishes, and I don't squirt. Don't make demands - would you peep your neighbor then start yelling at her what to do to herself from the closet? I am a grown woman, I know how my body works and what it does and does not like. There are women who will do whatever you want as long as you pay. For me? You can just say thank you, Ms. Pink.

If you cross me by doing something I don't like, even if it is a joke in poor taste, I am not afraid to ban you. Be aware. Don't call me a whore, a slut, bitch, skank. I don't take kindly to dehumanizing language. You can tell me what you'd like to do me all day long, but keep it respectful.

Forever and always,


Nickname: pinkpussss
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

2 tats