Love, smiles and donuts! Welcome to the land of Pretty Odd <3
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1. Do not say 'bb' - I will maul you with my pretty perfect teeth.
2. Do not demand. Treat me as you'd want to be treated.
3. Do not advertise. You wouldn't run into the street naked screaming "HEY EVERYONE COME LOOK AT MY COCK!" - Don't do it in my room.
4. Be patient - my keyboard sucks right now.
5. Use English! Not just the language but the grammar too. I will shove dictionaries up your bottom. :)
6. Please ASK to pm me. :|
7. Love Gaga, unicorns and glitter and stuff. If you don't, die.
8. No bible bashers please. God may hate fags but he'll kick you in the balls for saying it. ;)
9. Yup I'm British. Don't like it? I'll tut at you and MAY write a stern letter.
10. I cannot open my ass. Doors, I can.
11. I am a gamer, I game. Enjoy or leave!

<3 Kevbro10
<3 free62 - Cal - Living legend! :)
I'll add more soon <3

Enjoy your stay! Ps I love Aussie guys.

Nickname: prettyodd
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

My claws!! Roar!