I'm a single dad, I have a full time job, trying to make a little extra to take care of my family. I don't normally set a goal for anything special, but if you like what you see, my little ones certainly appreciate the donation.

I do take some requests within reason. I'm not into anal insertion, or anything like that. Tip for request.

Follow me @psybermind and I'll let you know when I'm on (If I can freakin remember)

200 Tokens = A certain s word Access. Can't guarantee I'll answer you, as I'm super busy most of the time..but I'll let ya know when I'm on. And no I don't do private shows there..

So since I'm probably NOT on most peoples favorites, since I'm a guy, I thought I'd give you guys some cams to check out (and I hope some day they stop by and visit my lonely cam *wink wink*)

I will warn you I gravitate to the nerdier types, because they are more real than most on here. So if you aint into nerds, this list may not be for you.

Please treat all perfomers with the utmost respect. They are here for your entertainment yes, but also some of them make their living doing this.. a little coinage here and there is always greatly appreciated.

Masqueradeball - I'm not a big couple person, but browsing around I found these two.. Best thing in the world.. They are REAL. Real people, with real problems just like everyone else.

MadCouple/MadGuy/MadGirl - These two are awesome as fuck. Love to just hang out, party, and just have fun. She's a hottie and he.. well.. I'm straight, so I will say he is quite the handsome fellow

KarenKat - I've only seen her once so far.. hoping for more.. Smokin body, and her mimeurbating is so cute.. I've heard the outdoor shows are a winner though...

bitchimclassy - This chick has got it goin on. Plain and simple.. She looks like a shygirl at first, but just wait till the wildside comes out...

TrinaMason - Sexy Hottie. She loves the water, and she's a wrester too (yum)

(NOTE: I recently learned that TrinaMason has retired from CB at least on a temporary basis. She may be back, so stay tuned.. I'm debating a Hall of fame Wing of this wall)

Love2Watch69 - Met her one day in the above mentioned TrinaMason's room. Back then she didn't broadcast (why I have no idea, holy hell what a body) Now she is.. and I must use a quote from our favorite Trina's room.. modified of course.. YUNOVISITHER?

Apocolypspony - Nerdy Girl, Sexy as hell, and ask her to break out the Hitachi sometime.. I fell in love day one

maskednerdgirl - Haven't seen her in action yet.. but damnit.. Got to talk to her, and shes got a great personality.. Another one I could very easily fall in love with

Milfy - I'm an older guy, but there are still Milfs out there for me!!

ImnuckingfutsTony - She don't do nude very much, but when she's on she is a riot. NerdGirl at her finest and I love her to death

Blackxxxrose - I don't know her that well yet... But she's got a hot little body, and sexy as hell. (and she's got some amazing toys I'm slowly finding out)

Flagella - Find her. It's all I can say about that. Incredibly sexy body, her Assets deffinately outweigh her liabilities, and she has respect for herself, which makes her doubly sexy.

Redinropes - Hot little redhead who loves being tied up. Slightly Nerdy, plays with a d20. Tips = Roll = Surprise. A must see for sure. Met her yesterday, keep coming back for more...

If you would like to be added to my list, just let me know!

Nickname: psybermind
Site: chaturbate
Age: 33
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

Taatoo on my arm