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    :D I'M SO HAPPY :D

    About Me

    i'll love you morrow!!!

    Falls in love its actions ... kissing with feelings .. It embrace with love ...
    finish my nursing career.
    spend time with my family, always give the best, give them much happiness and love.

    Enjoy the moment and different fantasies ... share our thoughts, that's my goal ..
    appreciate your generosity and affection ...don't no more than this.

    please be respectful ... enjoy all your follies. I'm Colombian, I enjoy spending time with my family, dancing and swimming...
    So and kind of cheerful, smiling, friendly, I fascinate me laugh, take time for me to feel good about myself,
    I'm a nursing student, I love this work, apart from the help that I have doing it,
    I am happy to join them, please them is great, feel that feeling.

    I talk Spanish and a bit English, you can talk English too . 

    I like to go private is 6 tokens/minute.  

    * My prices:

    - Pm's 1 Toks
    - Dance 5 Toks
    - Feet 15 Toks
    - Bra off 20 Toks
    - Oil tits 30 Toks
    - Panty off 35 Toks
    - Play nipples 40 Toks
    - Suck dildo 100 Toks
    - Pussy dildo or Pussy play 200 Toks
    - Anal fingers 95 Toks 


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Nickname: scarlett_c2
Site: chaturbate
Age: 18
Sex: female

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