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***For those of you who think the bump in my belly is a fetus, it's actually a tumour. I just wanted to make that clear.***

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my room. I'm here looking to have some fun and see what Chaturbate is all about. It started out as a bucket list kind of thing but now I'm starting to enjoy it! If you like me, follow me so you don't miss my solo shows or my couple shows with Dawsonj. Make sure you follow both of us because we'll be doing couple shows on both accounts.

I'm a B.Sc student that loves animals, biology and country music. I'm an introvert and still quite shy about being on cam--especially when I try something new. I love anal anything, I can squirt, I have a few toys (Lelo Nea, We-Vibe II, a vibrating butt plug and a non-vibrating butt plug) and I love getting new ones. Feel free to add some new ones to my collection, Eden Fantasies often has sales and promotional codes (try "savage" or "love"). Although I'm not here for the tokens, they are certainly appreciated and will make my shows longer. All of my tokens are going toward my summer apprenticeship, paying off my car, flights to see my boyfriend and buying new things to play with for you. I love conversation in my room so feel free to chat away and ask me questions. If you can't tip, no worries. Just be respectful and enjoy the show.

This is the link for Dawsonj's room if you're interested! /LXUDq/?track=default&room;=dawsonj

Guidelines for my room:

  • Respect me. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Manners go a long way, and might even get you something ;)
  • Demands will just be ignored. Greys are more than welcome in my room... just be nice okay? I will never demand for tokens. You should return the favour.
  • Keep pms, graphics and CAPS to a minimum please!


How tall are you? 5'3'' or 160cm
How much money do you get from this? 5 cents a token
Why are you doing this? It's fun! And having a secret online life is thrilling.
Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, his name is Dawson. We have an interesting relationship, ask me about it if you want :)
Does he care that you're doing this? Nope!
Would you care if someone you know saw you on here? Nope. Unless it was my parents.
Are you really 18? I sure am :)
Where are you from/living now? I'm from East Coast Canada but currently I'm staying in Alberta until September.

Skyype shows!
500 tokens for 10 minutes
700 tokens for 15 minutes
800 tokens for 20 minutes
25 tokens for every additional minute

Pm me with your first message being about an S. show. We'll set up payment and I'll give you my S. name. Payment doesn't have to be in tokens, talk to me about other options.

If you're interested in buying panties from me let me know! I will be glad to send you a pair that I came in during a Skyype show just for you. The price depends on shipping costs but usually comes to about $60. Pm me with your first message being about panties if you're interested!

Have an "odd" kink you're having a hard time fulfilling?
Try me! I'm not making any promises but I seem to be more open and understanding than other girls I've watched on here.

To claim your brownies points, name one thing I love in chat followed by the word gherkin :)

My Top tippers :)
(For the current month)

  • Esoguardx......300
  • Esoguardx......300
  • Jimibear..........200
  • Phathead........200
  • Armystrong.....150
  • Ukjohnthomas..150
  • Blissful.............100
  • Maestro67......100
  • Mat4u...............100
  • Misterfred.......100
  • Princess20......100
  • Dlt18985..........83
  • Boddington......80
  • Cockstroker.....75

Don't be a stranger!
Anyone who wants to join Chaturbate, click on this link. /LXUDq/?track=default It's free to get an account and you'll be able to chat with other models and me. Chaturbate doesn't spam your inbox either!

Nickname: sendmeonmyway
Site: chaturbate
Age: 18
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

One tattoo