Hello to everyone who visited my room. Thank you for that. I am a poor student, my goal is to earn some money to my miserable existence. The show is only for Tokens. You can at once leave my room and go to those who do it for free. But give me some Tokens, watch a great show in my performance. The rules are simple. Your Tokens, your wishes. I love everything that you like. I like to submit for the TIP. No need to ask questions of the type: where are you? as will be shown? may initially show later TOKENS. Quite simply you pay, I was doing.
Here is a list of:
10- my msn or sky-pe
25 showing cock
50- cock and balls
100 - showing ass holes.
150 - masturbate
200 - CUM
250 - my eating of sperm
275 CUM in my face
300 CUM in my mouth.
325 show in the shower
350 masturbation ass
400 banana in my ass.
In a GROUP and PRIVATE show all for free.
plzzzz give me tokens at once
if u want to make one speacial videos just for you 1000 tokens ..u can tell me what u like to see in the video...
10 min =100 tks
20 min = 200 tks
30 min = 300 tks
1 hour =550 tks
all day = 1 000 tks lol

top 10 best tippers:
who in the end of the month will be the first in the ranking order will be hosted by a free private show
justdavid was the winner in March
darthjerek was the winner in April.
ljon-was the winner in May
JIMEJONES - my best friend help me out here. For him, all for free
HELP ME PLZZZ /ypSAV/?track=default

Nickname: serj8899
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: male