Well i am new here and I would like to make the most of this website by meeting new like minded people

About me, I am a simple human being, young and willing to explore various roads this beautiful life has to offer. I am well read and have traveled extensively all over the globe. It is kind of hard to beat one's own drum but nevertheless I need to do it here I guess!

Well placed in this crazy world, i have made the most of what i have got, and looking to explore the most crazy and heavenly fun this life has to offer in a mutual agreeable way. I like the fine things that this world has to offer, and adore the beauty around me.

I assure and offer discretion to my friends and expect the same from them too.

I look forward to meet women/couples/groups, I know at times couples prefer couples, and i completely understand the notion behind this decision and i respect that, well if that is the case then sex is not the only thing which can connect us, i am sure with my experience in this life we can have a great time over a couple of drinks and in the end you will not regret.

I am well read, articulate and respect all those here on this site for the bold choice that they have made. Physically i have a medium height, well built, reasonably handsome (not a greek god) and I am that lovable guy next door.

In bed, I open to all things except pain! Cutting this monologue short; I believe in living life to the fullest and hence have made the choice to be here and have fun.

Having seen that this place has many pests and leeches, let me assure you that I value and respect the family structure that we have here in India and the restrictions that it imposes. Trust me! you will never ever find me wanting in this area.

So, can we get together and experience moments of uninhibited joy and bliss? Waiting for the like minded people out there to hit on me!


Nickname: sexuality8484
Site: chaturbate
Age: 28
Sex: male