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Single Gender Shows like MALE only, FEMALE only ETC. Only a certain gender or genders are allowed to be in my room at this time. SHIRTLESS show during this show there will be no requests for my bottom half you have to earn that, how to earn: Keep on actively chatting in my room be a "Lover Not a Fighter". Pot luck show: All genders are very welcome to join my room you must follow all rules or get ignored or banned! In any of my shows if you badger me you will be put on ignore from me **Not for 6 hours** Just until I get tired of hearing your "BS". "Pot Luck" is sometimes the last show of the day depending on how I feel. **Sometimes better than some of my other shows**...

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This is the main rule: You must chat in my room for at least 5 minutes to be able to request anything and yes I have a timer timing you! A regular is a chatter that comes back or keeps actively chatting in the room and is not pushy. pushy chatters will be ignored but not "Ignored by the ignore button". There are certain shows at different parts of the day I will explain that later on in my profile. If I tend to have to warn you for being out of line many times then I will kick you out of my room no questions asked. Not a real rule but it helps: If you have a cam have it on. About spoken languages if you don't speak English very well just do the best that you possible can after a couple of time chatting with you I will get it hopefully. Please treat me as you would want anyone else to treat you example: "Don't act your shoe size". I will tend to take up with chatters that know how this system works and as I say "Keeps Their noses clean". You can call me BB, Hun, Sexy and names like that but never B***CH, Sl*T, Who**e this includes in other languages too. Just to keep me informed if you like something please tell me so that I may thank you for it. "PM Qualifications" Must be a regular, not been banned or silenced. In "PM LAND" Please chat if you don't chat for a time of 3 minutes after sending your first couple of messages I will say "Your wasting my time" and go back to main chatting with the others and you will be ignored no questions asked until you apologize to me in front of the others in the room a simple "I'm Sorry" you don't even have to say what happened in the PM just say "I'm Sorry". My e-mail address and others Again to be qualified to get these return to my room regularly start a friendship with me and don't bring "Matches and Gasoline".
I am very easy to get along with I'm usually open minded I say "There are two sides to every story" sometimes there are more than someone can handle just by themselves. The colors of my profile: The PURPLE is important information Like tokens and specials of the day.
Lite Blue My top male chatters or my "Knights" The Pink is my top female chatters or my "Princesses" And DARK GREEN is my top Chatters without tokens. Red Is miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit any category.Tan Is the Main Descriptions of the times and the main descriptions of my shows.

My Biography "Gilbert Chase" I am a 34 year old male living in the southern United States I was born in a small town. I live with my dad he's older now I guess it would go like this "He took care of me now it's time for me to take care of him". I graduated grade and high school in the late 90's. Went to school to get an education on "Industrial Cleanup" Or in laymen terms "Custodial". I lost my best friend my mother when I was really little and that still bothers me to this day. I am a basic web designer and programmer I am still learning the ropes. Well here goes the good part: I am a straight open minded middle aged man. Well for the men I just like to look and watch, I like women the most I will never go out with a guy on a date in real life or in cyberspace or any wheres else. I like to have a man as company that's about it. I like someone who is "Real" to themselves and does not lie like all get out. For the women I can't pass judgement on any of you because whoever your creator is made you that way, you can't change me and I can't change you end of sentence. I love to watch someone having fun and sometimes I like to join in (Online Only). I don't get out very much that's why I have this computer. I have Morals and standard that I go by. My creator loves me and I love him because of what he did for me a long time ago. Please don't argue with me I get enough of that from my family this gets someone no-where really fast. You respect me and I will do the same for you. "Life does not have a mute, silence, kick, ban etc feature so you can just right click or format your memories and go back to being how it was when you were little". Well guys and girls I love each and every one of you "Keep Your Noses Clean And You Will Go Far! Reach for the "Stars" or "Become One"!

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Nickname: smokingjoe2000
Site: chaturbate
Age: 34
Sex: male

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