Well everyone that reads this will know some more about me....I have a fiance and i love her tons so im not looking for anyone. I now come here to chat and have fun with the friends i have made and HATE the fake people. Ask if you want to learn more about me. I also sky pe if you want to chat more with me other then being on here find me in one of the rooms below im sure ill be in one of them.

Yes i mod, NO its not a power trip.....i just cant stand MINDLESS ZOMBIES and CAVEMEN.... if you dont know how to treat a lady FFS LEARN!!!!...... i mean really stop masterbating for a minute and reread what you wrote.....I now have a place for those crazy guys the HORNY RETARDED ZONE...

I love women that squirt and if they cant, i can help make them i have taught many over the years to be able to.....After tonight getting banned for a second time in a room for asking if they want to learn im done asking. IF you want to learn you will have to tip me. Tired of being nice and trying to help and getting fucked over. .....Also ask Shesakeeper, n1ghtowls, Danielle, Candy. and a few others i have helped out.....

TWO good links... e_ejaculation.htm ura-Berman-on-Female-Ejaculation-Video
MY rules of modding
1. DONT BEG TO BE ONE..... that is just sad....
2. Do what the person has ask of you and dont go all apeshit on people.
3. When being a mod remember the house rules of the room your in and dont break them.
4. BB aka ba by is wrong....... OPEN anything more then likely will get you silenced as well.
5. English or whatever the room language is, is what you should use.
6. NO graphics slows down cams and chat and most are stupid anyways.
7. Be nice and not rude
These are also things to be aware of
... ALWAYS make an effort to double check the name you are silencing.
It takes a total of three clicks to finalize a silence, so there is no excuse
for silencing an innocent respectable viewer.
.... Modding is both a privilege, and a responsibility. Be an example for
the greys and avoid breaking the room rules yourself. A mod posting
graphics and demands is only an invitation for the entire room to
be rude.
.... NEVER beg to become a moderator, especially if it"s your first or
second post in the room, or if the room obviously has sufficient mods.
Prove you are mod-quality by helping take care of the room, even
when you are grey/blue, and earn it.
If it"s not clearly stated or implied, ask the model"s preference on what
can stay.
....Silence according to the MODEL"S room rules.
This may slightly be my opinion, but unless the room is crazy-busy with
very few mods, some rule-breakers are effectively taken care of with a
simple warning from the first time. Most straighten up and respect the
chat/model, and those who still continue can be silenced.

Something new im trying might even make a twitter..... but i guess it all depends on how this goes...


OK this is something i havent talked about before but i will now.
I have gone
GREY a few times.Looking back at my records this is the list.
1. shesakeeper (Dec 11, 2011)
2. addicated91 (April 11th and 15th 2012)
3. fallenangel5377 (April 20, 2012)
4. sexysteph (May 24, 2012)
5. pinkpussymilf (June 3, 2012)

Nickname: sqrtlvr
Site: chaturbate
Age: 38
Sex: male

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2 tattoo's